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Classic Turf Equipment provides repairs and service for both professional and residential lawn/turf equipment. Our goal is to provide quality customer service, and we gladly work on any lawn equipment from trimmers to chainsaws, from blowers to lawnmowers, and everything in between. We also serve as an authorized dealer for Stihl, Toro, Echo, Scag, Snapper, Honda, and Kawasaki Engines.

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Latest Stories

Lawn Mowers: Repair or Replace?

Ever had your lawn mower shut down in the middle of a mow? If you’re a perfectionist, this is pretty much a nightmare scenario. Not only do you have an uneven lawn, but you have to deal with a faulty machine and go back later to fix the grass (and the lack of balance...

Golf Cart Maintenance: 4 Important Areas To Address

There are few things that make a golfer angry like a missed shot. A faulty golf cart is one of them. If your cart fails on the course, prepare for lots of walking, repair fees and a choice word or two. Or, you can be proactive instead! To prevent the need for golf...

Breaking Down the Different Types of Weed Eaters

Straight shaved or curved? Cordless or corded? Attachment or no? There are countless options when it comes to weed eater types. (It’s almost as anxiety-inducing as ordering takeout on the phone.) Fortunately, we’ve seen a few weed eaters in our time and we have lots...