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Product Description

Powered by a powerful Kohler 14-horsepower engine, the Brave walk-behind stump grinder makes tree care a breeze. Remove stumps with ease due to this machine’s nine high-speed carbide cutters and 3-1/2 “ cutting width. With features like dual-locking ATV wheels and a 12-inch solid steel cutting head, there’s a lot to love about this stump grinder.

Classic Turf Equipment is proud to offer stump grinders and other turf equipment solutions to Arlington, Mansfield and the rest of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Read more about the specifications, features and benefits of this product below.


Here are the manufacturer-provided specifications for the Brave Walk-Behind Stump Grinder:

Engine: Kohler 14HP CH440

Cutting Speed: 3,600 RPM

Drive: Dual Direct V-Belt

Cutting Width: 3-1/2″

Features and Benefits

This stump grinder separates itself from similar products on the market in several ways. Here are some of the features and benefits to consider when deciding whether the Brave Walk-Behind Stump Grinder will meet your needs:


      • 22.7 ft.-lb. of gross torque

      • Nine different high-speed carbide cutters

      • No slippage from direct belt drive

      • Sturdy 12” solid steel cutting head

      • Tri-cut dual bolted teeth cuts 3-½” wide

      • Grinds stumps from 9” below to 9” above ground

      • Anti-vibration welded chip head safety shield

      • Durable, rugged 16-gauge steel decking

      • Dual locking ATV wheels; HD 2×2 axle

    How To Buy

    To purchase the walk-behind stump grinder from Brave, stop by one of our Classic Turf Locations in Arlington, Mansfield or Haltom City. You can also send us an email at or use the information on our Contact Us page to reach our friendly staff.