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Imagine this: you wake up one spring morning, grab a cup of coffee, peer out your window and discover… a big brown dead patch in your lawn. What should you do? Plant new seed? Water more? Give the spot extra fertilizer?

Whether it’s a dead spot of grass on your lawn, a dirt patch that refuses to grow anything or an overall thin lawn appearance, here are some ways to repair and revive strategies to consider.

1. Aeration

Your lawn needs proper oxygen flow. The problem is, over time, soil compaction can hinder the flower of oxygen, water and nutrients to grass roots. Lawn aeration helps solve this problem by perforating your soil with small holes that allow for better air circulation and nutrient absorption. Classic Turf Equipment offers a range of aerators designed to make this process more efficient and effective, leading to healthier grass growth.

2. Overseeding

Patchy lawns are a common issue and sometimes it takes more than just a standard dose of seed to fill in those bare spots. Over-seeding in general can promote thicker grass growth, especially in areas of high traffic. A reliable seed spreader is great for this, as it ensures an even distribution of seeds. Combine that with water and fertilization (which we’ll talk more about below) and it will not only improve the appearance of your lawn, but helps crowd out any weeds that try to appear.

3. Topdressing

Kind of like a multivitamin, but for your lawn, topdressing can give your landscaping a nutrient boost. This practice involves a mixture of soil, compost and sand, improving soil structure, water retention and nutrient levels. There is outdoor power equipment to help in this area as well, as topdressers make the application process more precise and efficient. Whether you have uneven terrain or soil deficiencies, topdressing is a lawn repair strategy to definitely consider.

4. Watering and Fertilization

Finally, one of the basics of promoting healthy lawns: good ol’ water and fertilizer. Part of this is ensuring you have proper irrigation and that all of your lawn receives the right amount of water (without any waste). A fertilization schedule is also key. Classic Turf Equipment can assist here as well, with a variety of fertilizers and spreaders that will help you to equip your lawn so that it can resist pests, diseases and environmental stress.

These are just a few lawn repair strategies to consider. For more—and to get the best outdoor power equipment in Dallas-Fort Worth for the job—contact or visit Classic Turf Equipment today.