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There are certain types of tools, equipment and appliances that should be in every North Texas home. (Take refrigerators, front door locks and HVAC systems, for example.) Similarly, there are certain types of lawn equipment every homeowner should have.

Mowers and weed eaters are obvious. But what other lawn equipment should you keep on hand? Here are four other types of lawn equipment every homeowner should have.

1. Leaf Blower

While it’s not technically essential to clean up leaves and grass after you’re done with lawn care, the mess doesn’t enhance your curb appeal (or make your neighbors happy). With a leaf blower, you not only have a solution for easily cleaning up leaves and debris, but you have a versatile machine that can also help in other seasons. For example, you can clear snow in the winter and some models allow you to bag mulch, clean gutters or spray trees.

2. Chainsaw

If you have large trees on your property, a chainsaw is a must. (Those who have ever hacked down a tree by hand know why.) Instead of taking hours or half a day to do the tree work you need to do, a chainsaw accomplishes it in mere minutes. Chainsaws are fast, versatile and easy to use and thanks to today’s modern designs they’re very safe.

3. Hedge Trimmer

Most North Texas homes have some sort of shrubs, bushes or hedges. Just like every other element of landscaping, these need to be maintained to keep them tidy and within HOA guidelines (if applicable to your situation). A chainsaw is too much, however, as the branches we’re talking about here are usually less than an inch thick. Thanks to a long, oscillating bar, most hedge trimmers today make your yard work go much faster.

4. Lawn Aerator

Finally, those who are struggling to develop deep roots in their lawn system could benefit from a lawn aerator. Texas is hot and grass roots need to go deep to survive summer temperatures. With an aerator, you perforate the soil with small holes to allow things like nutrients, water and air to create a more vigorous root system. Overall, aerators help with soil compaction, a huge factor in developing a healthy lawn.

No matter what type of lawn equipment you need, Classic Turf Equipment is here to help you out. From lawn equipment repair services to new equipment sales, we have the resources and expertise to help you get the best lawn on the block. Contact us or stop by one of our DFW-area locations today!