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Now that winter has arrived, it’s a good time to take a look at certain things around the house that haven’t moved in a while (aside from Uncle Eddie in the recliner). 

After all, tools like the lawn mower, weed eater or leaf blower get lots of use in the summer, but are usually in storage during the colder months. It doesn’t have to be that way—for lawn mowers, at least—as the winter is a great time for repairing your mower. Here are 5 signs your mower needs to be repaired; if yours meets this criteria, bring yours to a lawn mower repair shop in Dallas-Fort Worth.

1. Unusual Noises or Vibrations

Turn it on (in a safe area) and then pay attention to any unusual sounds or vibrations coming from your mower during operation. Noises like clanking, grinding or knocking aren’t normal, nor are excessive vibrations. All of these can indicate loose or damaged components that require immediate attention.

2. Difficulty Starting or Stalling

Another red flag is when your mower is difficult to start or frequently stalls during operation. This could be due to issues with the spark plug, fuel system, carburetor or other engine-related problems that need expert diagnosis and repair. (If you can’t identify these issues, it’s probably a good idea to see a lawn mower repair professional instead.)

3. Poor Cutting Performance

A decrease in cutting performance, such as uneven cutting, missed patches of grass or blades that seem dull despite recent sharpening, signify potential issues with the mower deck, blades or belt. These issues can affect the quality of your lawn and need prompt resolution if you want your mower to still be usable moving forward.

4. Excessive Smoke or Leaks

Visible smoke, especially if it’s colored or accompanied by unusual odors, is a sign of underlying issues with the engine, such as oil or fuel leaks, or even burning oil. Fluid leaks, whether oil, fuel, or coolant, can also indicate problems that require immediate attention to prevent further damage. Stop if you see smoke!

5. Reduced Power or Performance

If your mower is noticeably lacking power or experiencing reduced performance, such as slower blade speed or trouble navigating slopes it used to handle easily, it’s a sign that the engine or transmission may be struggling and needs professional inspection.

These are just a few signs that it might be time to repair or replace your lawn mower. At Classic Turf Equipment, we’ll give you honest feedback about the state of your mower and the best options you have.