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In order to receive the biggest bang for you buck when it comes to machines such as lawnmowers that use small engines, it is imperative to understand the principle factors that will assist in prolonging the life of the engine. Small engines do not differ too much from large engines in regards to their need for regular maintenance. The top five ways to prolong the life of your small engine include:

Regular tune ups – It is important to perform regular tune ups, including changing the oil, spark plugs, and filters.
Perform a comprehensive cleaning, especially at the end of the fall season when you will be using your small engine less frequently.
Always use fresh gasoline, and never leave gasoline in the tank for extended periods of time; old gasoline can break down and cause residue to build up in the engine.
Always lubricate parts that need lubricating (refer to your owner’s manual to determine what those parts include).
If your small engine is on a lawnmower, always ensure your blades are sharp. This will allow the engine to power the mower with less resistance.

Remember, small engines need attention and service as well. Follow the aforementioned tips regarding regular maintenance, and you are sure to prolong the life of your small engine, ultimately saving money.