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The best professional sports teams get a championship trophy each year. Why? To signify their accomplishments and memorialize the occasion. Similarly, the best lawn equipment stores have a few things in common to achieve that status. 

Here are six things to look for in a DFW lawn equipment store. The next time you’re looking for a lawn equipment store in Dallas-Fort Worth, stop by Classic Turf Equipment.

1. Wide Selection of Products

Obviously, a store should have products. But it’s nice when they can meet multiple areas of your needs in the same trip. (This is the primary reason many of us deal with big-box retailers.) The best lawn equipment stores in DFW will have a wide selection of lawn mower brands, models, accessories and parts/supplies. The more products a lawn equipment store sells, the more convenient it will be shopping there.

2. A Convenient Location

Speaking of convenience, just because a lawn equipment store is located in Dallas-Fort Worth doesn’t mean it’s close to you. It’s not uncommon for trips that stay in the DFW Metroplex to be more than an hour long each way. So if you’re located on the southern side of North Texas, for example, you might want to search for lawn equipment stores near Arlington or Mansfield.

3. Good Reputation and Reviews

There are hidden gems and reviews don’t always tell the full story, but the store’s online reputation is usually a good indicator of what to expect. Check out reviews online, look at customer testimonials on websites and ask friends and family for recommendations and it will help you narrow down your options.

4. Multiple Services

You don’t replace your entire lawn mower each time the blade gets dinged. You get it repaired or refinished instead. This is why it’s helpful for the DFW lawn equipment store you choose doesn’t limit you to just sales and/or purchases. As with the note about products, the more services a lawn equipment store has, the more convenient it will be shopping there.

5. Valuable Industry Information

Shopping in person these days is valuable for the amount of information you’ll learn alone. Shopping online is doable and there are chatbots and messaging systems, but nothing replaces being able to look at the different features on equipment in person and ask questions to associates about your options.

6. Helpful Customer Service

Finally, you don’t need to have nice customer services to sell high-quality outdoor turf equipment and services. But the best stores sure have it in common. If the company you’re considering is rude on the phone, chances are pretty good they’ll be the same way in person, so take any customer service issues as a red flag, especially if they’re early on.

If you’re looking for a lawn equipment store in Dallas-Fort Worth, look no further than Classic Turf Equipment. Contact us today!