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It seems like most tools have features we would all utilize more if we just knew about them. With Swiss Army Knives, for example, did you know that there is often a “hook disgorger,” a fork-like tool at the end of the scaler tool that helps safely remove a hook from the mouth of a fish? 

Lawn equipment can be the same way. 

The ECHO Pro Attachment Series (PAS), for example, is an expandable tool that redefines what it means to multitask. Let’s take a closer look at all 16 attachments you can use with this tool.

Pro Attachment Series Attachments

Here are descriptions of the 16 attachments (aka “powerheads”) featured in the ECHO Pro Attachment Series. Some attachments are only compatible with certain models, so be sure to check out the compatibility chart from ECHO here before you buy. 

  1. Bed Redefiner: Featuring an adjustable support wheel for ideal edge depth, this tool works seven times faster than a shovel to help you redefine your flower bed as you see fit, even in the toughest conditions.
  2. Curved Shaft Edger: This attachment helps create a clean edge between the sidewalk and a manicured lawn. Its eight-inch blade offers incredible durability and depth while its curved shaft gives you enhanced maneuverability around tight spots.
  3. Straight Shaft Edger: Like the curved shaft edger, but with a straight shaft design that reduces cable wear and extends lifespan.
  4. Tiller/Cultivator: Featuring a heavy-duty gear box, this tiller and cultivator offers 42:1 gear reduction and a 6.5” tilling swatch for ideal flower bed and garden maintenance.
  5. Articulating Hedge Trimmer: Trim hedges and hard-to-reach places with the articulating hedge trimmer tool.
  6. Standard Hedge Trimmer: For more standard hedging and trimming, the standard hedge trimmer provides comfort and efficiency.
  7. Mid-Reach Hedge Trimmer: For hedges in-between standard and long distance, the mid-reach hedge trimmer provides comfort and easy maneuverability. 
  8. Power Pruner: Trim hard-to-reach limbs with power and comfort thanks to this power pruning attachment and its eight feet of total reach. 
  9. 3’ Extension: Extend the reach of your trimmer or pruner attachments by three feet with this tool-less, quick-attaching extension device.
  10. Speed-Feed Trimmer: This trimmer stands out with its fast line feed and can be converted to a brush cutting attachment with a conversion kit. 
  11. Curved Shaft Trimmer: With less overall length than a standard trimmer and a curved design for enhanced comfort and flexibility, this attachment is a must-have.
  12. Pro-Torque Trimmer: This trimmer attachment offers 50 percent more cutting torque than a standard trimmer attachment.
  13. Brushcutter: Thick brush and grass are a breeze to clear thanks to the powerful blade on this brushcutter attachment. 
  14. Blower: Turn your PAS powerhead into a leaf and light debris blower thanks to this handy-yet-effective attachment. 
  15. ProSweep: Clear pavement and grass from debris with the efficient sweeping action of this attachment. 
  16. ProPaddle: An effective surface cleaner, the ProPaddle features a wide sweeping path and durable rubber fins that reduce workload. 

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