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Many homeowners who care for their own lawns are unaware of the importance of regular lawnmower maintenance. However, just like a car, lawnmowers need tune ups and service as well. The typical rule of thumb for lawnmowers with small engines is to provide them with a tune up once a season, or every 50 hours of use, which ever comes first. On average, a lawnmower tune up from a professional will run about $75, while completing the chore yourself will run about $15.

Whether you choose to enlist the help of lawnmower experts or tune up your own lawnmower, performing regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your mower. Regular maintenance will prevent more expensive parts from breaking and is significantly cheaper than regular purchase of a new lawnmower.

Spring is already here, and lawns are already requiring more attention. Do not wait any longer. Do not let any more of the season pass by without tuning up your lawnmower.