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When purchasing clothing, you usually need to know the size of the person before buying clothes for them. So why don’t we do the same when it comes to lawns and lawnmowers

Well, it’s usually because of a change in address, but sometimes people just aren’t aware that factors like the size and terrain of the lawn play a part in which will work the best for you. Classic Turf Equipment is happy to help you in finding the right mower size for your lawn. 

Evaluating Size and Terrain

Before you start looking at mower options and getting excited about which one you’ll choose, you need to take a look at your lawn first. The right mower is key for achieving that beautiful manufactured look we often associate with gold courses. Just as fit is important in the world of clothing, mower size is important when it comes to lawncare. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your lawn’s dimensions?
  • Is the mowing path flat or sloped?
  • Are there tight space or obstacles to navigate?
  • How many square feet is your lawn?
  • Do you need an electrical outlet? Do you have one?
  • How often do you mow your grass?

More Features to Consider

In addition to size, certain characteristics of your lawn could make some features of your mower crucial. For example, a mower with a walk-behind format is more precise and ideal for areas with intricate landscaping. They are also ideal for navigating flower beds, trees and other obstacles. Riding mowers, on the other hand, are ideal for large, expansive areas and significantly reduce required mowing time and effort. Deck size is yet another factor to consider as it plays a big part in the ratio between efficiency and maneuverability. 

How Classic Turf Equipment Can Help

At Classic Turf Equipment, we can help you match your needs with the right mower. We know every lawn is unique and that’s why we offer a diverse range of mower sizes and types to cater to various Dallas-Fort Worth lawn care needs. Our team will help you select the right dimensions, sizes and features you’ll need to maintain the best yard on the block. 

Don’t delay getting the lawn mower of your dreams. Contact Classic Turf Equipment (CTE) today and we’ll help you pick the right mower size for your lawn.