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If you own a business, does it make sense to outsource your lawn maintenance or invest in equipment and labor yourself? This is no different from other expenses in your business and depends primarily on your needs, budget and usage. 

Let’s go over the cost differences and and more in our comparison of hiring commercial mowing services vs. buying a good commercial mower.

The Case for Commercial Mowing Service

First, let’s take a look at the argument for hiring a commercial moving company to handle your landscaping and yard work. This is going to provide several advantages, such as:

  • Expertise and convenience: these teams are equipped with the knowledge, tools and experience needed to handle a diverse range of services.
  • Cost and flexibility: your budget is more predictable when you hire a commercial moving service, as you don’t have to worry about equipment breaking down and needing repairs or a significant upfront equipment investment.
  • Time savings: last and most obviously, commercial mowing services free up your business’ time and resources to dedicate them to other areas, increasing your productivity and profitability.

The Argument for Buying a Commercial Mower

Next, the case for buying a commercial lawn mower yourself and handling all lawn-mowing duties (whether yourself or via an employee). Here are some of the advantages of this route:

  • Long-term investment: a new mower is a significant investment at first, but pays off over time, especially without the added costs of service contracts.
  • Control/customization: with a mower you own, you have control over its maintenance, operation and any customizations/added features. This lets you adjust the mower to fit the unique needs of your commercial property’s lawn. 
  • Higher reward potential: the longer you own a mower, the more it will pay off. This is especially true if you’re avoiding ongoing service costs and own a large or multiple properties that you need to maintain.

How Classic Turf Equipment Helps With Both

Need to purchase a new mower? Commercial or residential, we can help you find the right size, model and features you need. Or, if you’re looking to hire out commercial mowers, we can provide recommendations on gear or tools (and it’s possible we might have a company or two we can recommend). We always provide lawn mower repair services as well, so whatever your mower-related need, we can handle it.

Whether you’re looking to hire a commercial mowing service, invest in new outdoor power equipment or simply need repairs or a consult, Classic Turf Equipment is here for you and ready to help. Contact us today!