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Some age-old questions will forever stump humanity. Where does that one sock go after you do a load of laundry? Why does a salad cost more than a burger? Why do we get angrier about people trespassing on our property as we get older? 

We don’t know the answers to these questions, but we do know a thing or two about lawn maintenance. If you’ve been debating whether to use a traditional string trimmer or go with an alternative like an edger, for example, this article is for you. 

Let’s go over the advantages of each option.

Edger-Trimmer Differences

First off, do you know the difference between a lawn edger and a string trimmer? Understanding how each tool functions can impact your decision about which to use for different jobs. Lawn edgers feature a guiding wheel and rotating blade, which makes them ideal for creating new lawn boundaries. This is opposed to string trimmers (aka “weed whackers”), which feature a strong-yet-flexible line that allows for maintaining boundaries and removing weeds with ease. Both help maintain lawn boundaries and keep weeds under control.

Advantages of Lawn Edgers

With lawn edgers, you have the option of a motorized or manual version. The latter is more affordable, but requires more effort to get the job done. While heavier and noisier than string trimmers, motorized lawn edgers can be more powerful and precise. If you have distinct lawn or sidewalk boundaries (or you’re creating new boundaries), a lawn edger will have an advantage over a trimmer. Many edgers also have wheels, making them easier to move than trimmers, which you typically have to hold. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a powerful lawn maintenance tool that complements other turf equipment, an edger is a solid investment.

Advantages of String Trimmer

While lawn edgers are ideal for creating boundaries and cleaning up areas that aren’t too difficult to reach, string trimmers are ideal for maintaining those boundaries or addressing hard-to-access areas of the lawn (and weeds). String trimmers have gas and electric versions and are usually lighter or easier to manage than edgers. But your best decision might be to get both a lawn edger and a trimmer, as they complement each other to help maintain a clean, sharp lawn with minimal untrimmed edges.

If you’re interested in additional advice about whether a lawn edger or string trimmer is right for you, contact us today.