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With warm weather in full swing, keeping your lawn in tip-top shape can be a little more sweat-inducing than other times of the year. As such, efficiency is more important than ever for both conserving energy and saving time. Whether you’re new to mowing or a seasoned veteran, there’s always something to learn when it comes to lawn care. 

Here are some tips to maximize your efficiency, production and safety when mowing in the summer.

1. Apply Fertilizer and Pest Control

A lawn filled with weeds and out-of-control plants or rough grass is more difficult to mow. That’s why it’s important to apply fertilizer and pest control regularly (but especially before/during summer). If it’s too late to apply this summer, keep in mind for next year. Mowing is much easier when you’re only cutting grass.

2. Clean Your Mower Regularly

How often do you clean your lawn mower? If it’s not after every mow, it should be. Now, you don’t need to give it a complete detail to make it spotless, but you should remove grass in the bag and on the blades, as well as give it a wipe down. (Make sure it’s off!)

3. Start Mowing Early

This might go without saying, but it can be overlooked by some. With the high heat of summer, mowing in the middle of the day is not only more difficult, but potentially dangerous. Avoid dehydration and slowing down in the middle of your mow by starting early before temperatures rise too much. Late evenings are also an option; just try to avoid direct sunlight.

4. Cut At The Right Height

If you have thick grass, overgrown grass or a grass type that is typically sturdy and full, you want to make sure your cutting height isn’t too low. This can overwork your lawn mower and potentially cause it to stall or turn off completely. Cutting too low also exposes grass roots to the heat, so aim for cutting about a third of your grass height and adjusting your mower accordingly.

5. Remove Obstacles Ahead of Time

There are several more tips we can share, but the last one we’ll cover for this article is removing obstacles ahead of time. By clearing out toys, debris and other clutter from your mowing path, the actual mowing will be a lot quicker and easier than stopping every time to move something. Debris can also damage your mower, so this is a very important tip to remember.

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