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For some products, brand doesn’t matter. Take cereal, for example. It’s often difficult to tell one brand of a popular cereal from another—much less a store brand. The taste, texture and appearance can be eerily similar (like they were all made at the same plant). 

For other products, however, brand is extremely important. Bikes, vehicles and phones are just a few examples of how quality can vary drastically from brand-to-brand. Outdoor power equipment is another area where brand matters.

From ECHO to STIHL, here are six of our most popular outdoor power equipment brands:


ECHO has been a trusted name in the outdoor power equipment world for more than 50 years. Constantly innovating, their products are known for their ergonomics, power and efficiency. Some specific areas where ECHO really excels are with leaf blowers (try the backpack blower!) and edging tools (the curved shaft edger is a great one). 


You probably know HONDA for its reliable line of vehicles, but the Japanese company’s reach extends to several other industries, including outdoor power equipment. HONDA is particularly known for its exceptional generators, lawn and garden equipment, pumps and snow blowers. Some specific HONDA products to consider would be any of the self-propelling lawn mowers and four-stroke trimmers. (The company even sells robotic mowers!)


For zero-turn riding mowers and walk-behind mowers, SCAG is an excellent brand. But the company’s power equipment prowess doesn’t stop there, as they offer specialized heavy-duty lawn equipment like wheeled blowers, stand-on blowers, truck loaders, spreaders/sprayers and other accessories.


TORO focuses on quality and dependability, making for a satisfied customer base. Those concerned about lifespan, reliability and getting the most bang for the buck should consider TORO, as the company’s products feature the latest technology and features designed with high-productivity in mind. 


Another fantastic lawn mower brand, GRAVELY features products made in the United States with globally sourced parts. The company has been manufacturing power equipment for more than 100 years and has mastered the art of the zero-turn mower.


Last, but definitely not least, STIHL is a leader in the outdoor power equipment world. Featuring a variety of battery-powered products for convenience, you’ll find high-quality chainsaws, pruners, blowers, chargers, sprayers and other accessories from STIHL. Whatever product you choose (from this company or any of the above), you’re sure to be satisfied.

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