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When is the best time to repair any tool? When you’re not using it! As such, winter is often the best time to make sure your warm-weather tools are in tip-top shape. 

From lawn mowers and hedge trimmers to edgers and chainsaws, maintaining, tuning or repairing this equipment will ensure it has a long life and you get your money’s worth. Let’s go over a few reasons why winter is the best time to accomplish this.

There’s More Downtime

For starters, you won’t be using a lot of lawn equipment in winter (though you will use some). For items that will just be in storage, why not take them in for a tune-up or repair? Regardless of industry, maximizing downtime benefits you in the long run. After all, trying to schedule work on your equipment in the busy spring and summer months can be difficult, both for you and…

Repair Shops Have More Capacity

… the repair shop. Warm-weather months are the busiest times for small motor equipment repair, so if you want to avoid delays in scheduling your repair (or getting your equipment back), do it when the shop isn’t as busy. More people using equipment means more people that will need repair and maintenance. Plan accordingly.

It Clears Up Space

Next, your small motor equipment may be taking up valuable space in your garage or storage shed. By repairing your equipment in batches, you’ll be in a better position to clean and organize the space where you’re housing your gear. Having more space will also give you more room to winterize or protect equipment exposed to the elements.

To Prepare for Spring

Arguably the biggest reason to schedule small motor equipment repair in winter, preparing for spring should be at the forefront of your mind. There’s a reason many lawn mower owners are surprised that their equipment won’t start when it comes time for the first mow in spring. Mowers often don’t start unless they’re properly winterized, maintained and repaired, if necessary. This applies to all types of lawn equipment with small motors, from weed trimmers to edgers. 
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