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More people in Dallas-Fort Worth these days are buying lawn mowers and other equipment without seeing it in person. While the conveniences of online shopping may be unmatched, the benefits of visiting a lawn mower shop might outweigh them. 

Let’s go over four reasons to visit a DFW lawn mower shop for your next purchase.

1. You can see your options in person.

Online information is helpful and all, but you can’t really get a grasp for how big, bulky or user-friendly a lawn mower is unless you see it for yourself. There are also other options that might fit your needs better, which may not be apparent on an online product listing page. From zero-turn lawn mowers to electric lawn mowers, you have a variety of choices these days and you’ll likely make a smarter investment if you can see all of them and talk to a professional.

2. You can get your questions answered.

Speaking of professionals, their insights are another big reason to visit a lawn mower shop. Many have been in the industry for years or decades and can tell the difference between a quality and cheap mower. Additionally, if you have questions about things like run time, cutting heights, turn capabilities and other features, you can get them answered easier in person. Online, you have to either submit a question and wait for someone to answer it (who might be just a random person online, by the way) or give customer service a call, which usually isn’t fun.

3. You can get repairs.

Lawn mower shops don’t just sell mowers like big-box retailers do. Since they specialize in lawn mowers, they tend to offer additional services like repairs. At Classic Turf Equipment, for example, we offer both lawn mower sales and repair services. We are honest about our recommendations and may be able to help you save money by repairing your lawn mower instead of buying a completely new one.

4. There may be other parts and accessories you might need.

Finally, a lawn mower shop will have mower-related parts and accessories that can maximize the efficiency of your machine and/or make your life a little easier. (This is especially true for those who use mowers for commercial purposes.) Whether it’s a tractor attachment, cover, padded seat or leaf-collection bag, there are accessories out there that you might not know.

These are just four of the many reasons to visit a lawn mower shop. To experience the benefits of in-store shopping for mowers and other outdoor power equipment, stop by one of our locations in Arlington, Haltom City or Mansfield today.