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Zero-turn lawn mowers are increasingly popular these days. But are they worth the investment? It depends on several factors, such as your budget, living area, lawn size and so forth. It’s true that they’re not ideal for every scenario, but they can be especially beneficial for your situation.

Let’s go over the key features and benefits to help you decide whether a zero-turn lawn mower is right for you.

When a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Makes Sense

If you have a large lawn, you’re an initial candidate for a zero-turn lawn mower already. As a driving lawn mower, it covers more acreage more efficiently than an alternative option like a tractor mower. Zero-turn mowers get their name from the fact they have a zero-degree turning radius, due to advanced hydraulic controls and cutting technology. Zero-turn mowers probably don’t make as much sense for small lawns or lots with minimal grass, but for average or bigger lawns, a zero-turn mower is a great option. 

Benefits of Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Zero-turn mowers are not just all about turn efficiency. There are several other benefits you’ll enjoy with a high-quality zero-turn lawn mower. Here are some of them:

  • Powerful: these are tough machines with powerful motors that get the job done quickly.
  • Comfortable: you don’t have to strain or work as hard pushing a mower. Plus, you get to sit down the entire time!
  • Maneuverable: handle any obstacle with ease due to a zero-degree turning radius.
  • Predictable (costs): savings add up over time, the longer you use your own mower instead of paying a professional.
  • Adaptable: several parts, kits and accessories are available to make your zero-turn mower useful in every season.
  • Enjoyable: at the end of the day, these are a blast to ride. You’ll love mowing again!

Where to Buy the Best Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

While zero-turn mowers have a variety of benefits and make sense for many homeowners and professional landscapers, they are a little more costly than other traditional driving mowers. Keep this in mind as you search and consider consulting with us to find the zero-turn mower that meets your budgets, needs and preferences. 
Again, if you’re interested in finding the best zero-turn mower for your Dallas-Fort Worth home, trust the team at Classic Turf Equipment to help you find it. Contact us today or stop by any of our DFW-area locations to buy a new zero-turn mower or ask about the zero-turn mower repair services we offer.