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In Texas, it seems like there are only two seasons: summer and winter. But while fall and spring may seem shorter in this region of the country, they are still significant in that they are a crucial time for prepping your lawn and equipment for winter.

If you’re considering a tune-up or new equipment purchase, don’t wait until the last minute when inventory and repair availability may be low. Now is the time to act. Let’s go over some equipment you should have on hand and tune-ups to consider as we enter the fall season.

Determine What You Need

Assess your needs first. Don’t just start buying things! Take a moment and determine what equipment you do have on hand, its condition and what your lawn and landscaping require. For example, do you tend to get a lot of leaves that need to be raked? Do you need to prep your lawn with fertilization, aeration or other treatments? Does your weed eater need spool or another battery? Understanding your requirements will help you narrow down your choices and make smarter decisions for your fall lawn equipment purchases.

Tune and Prep Equipment

Another task you may want to complete before buying new lawn equipment is to tune up your existing options. You may find something broken or worn down and needs to be replaced. You might come across a piece of equipment doesn’t work entirely. Still others may require you to order parts and supplies, which would be more convenient if you shop at the same place where you buy your new equipment.

Classic Turf Equipment is the best outdoor power equipment repair and maintenance specialists in Dallas-Fort Worth. We would love to take a look at your lawn tools and give you recommendations for services or next steps.

Get the Right Equipment

Once you finally nail down the exact equipment you’ll need, it’s time to get it! Here are a few examples of lawn equipment options (beyond a mower and string trimmer) that you’ll definitely want to consider as we get further into colder weather:

  • Leaf blower: choose between gas powered, electric or battery operated
  • Chainsaws: take down any unwanted, dying or dead trees
  • Stump grinders: removing stumps is much easier with one of these
  • Mulcher/shredder: break down leaves into mulch to enrich garden beds
  • Power washers: use pressurized water to clean a variety of surfaces

Ready to get started on your fall lawn equipment purchases and tune-ups? Let Classic Turf Equipment help. Contact us or visit one of our DFW-area retail locations today and let us help you get your lawn ready for fall.