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Riding. Zero turn. Battery operated. There are a wide variety of lawnmowers out there, which can be overwhelming if you’re in need of a new one. Fortunately, we’re here to point you in the right direction. Here are the four most popular types of lawn mowers, along with some of the best-rated options available on the market today.

1. Push/Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

The longtime standard for lawn mowers due to their affordability and light weight, push lawn mowers can either be standard push design or self-propelled. The former requires more effort, as you are pushing the mower in addition to steering it. Push mowers can have a manual reel (no motor or engine), an electric push or a gas push, which all dictate ease of use. Or, you could go with a self-propelled option. These mowers do the driving while you simply steer them. 

2. Riding Lawn Mowers

While push lawn mowers are ideal for smaller lawns, riding lawn mowers can handle the task of bigger lots. As hinted at in the name, you ride these lawn mowers and pretty much drive them around like you would a car—no pushing required. While there is a rear-engine version (which we’ll cover below), standard riding lawn mowers are usually self-propelled and feature a wide deck that saves time while usually covering up to an acre or more per mow. 

3. Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

If your lawn is abnormally shaped or has some tricky/hard-to-reach areas, a zero-turn lawn mower might be for you. Zero-turn mowers use a pair of levelers that make them exceptional when it comes to navigation, so if your lawn has a lot of trees, garden beds, flowers or decor, a zero-turn lawn mower can make your job easier.

4. Rear-Engine Riding Lawn Mowers

Finally, rear-engine riding lawn mowers are gaining in popularity due to their compact size, which makes them easier to store. These types of mowers function pretty much like your standard riding lawn mower, but having the engine in the rear makes them easier to design with space-saving features in mind.

Best-Rated Mowers to Consider

According to Consumer Reports, here are the lawn mowers with the best ratings, reviews and reliability scores on the market today:

  • Riding:
    • Craftsman T100
    • Craftsman T110
    • Craftsman T240
  • Zero-turn:
    • Ariens Edge 915253
    • Ariens IKON XD 52 915267
    • Bad Boy MZ Magnum
  • Gas push:
    • Craftsman M110
    • Cub Cadet SC100 HW
    • Honda HRN216PKA
  • Battery push:
    • Atlas 80v Brushless 21”
    • Cub Cadet SCP21E
    • DR Power Equipment CE75021XEN0
  • Battery riding:
    • Cub Cadet LT42e
    • Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 42E
    • Ego ZT4204L

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